The Effects of Digitalization on Training, Learning and Working in the 21st Century

11 – 13 April 2018 Lugano, SUPSI Campus Trevano


The Effects of Digitalization on Training, Learning and Working in the 21st Century

Education is the foundation of prosperity for the entire population of a nation, and especially so for one lacking in natural resources. Through the combined efforts of researchers and specialists, products and services are created here that are globally competitive despite high wages. In the educational and professional training fields, teachers and professors tirelessly transmit inspiration and lifelong values to their students.

Every revolution leads to upheavals, and particularly in the digital sector. Machines increasingly perform activities that humans undertake. What can we do to prepare the Swiss workforce for the challenges of the 21st century?

In the midst of the digital revolution, actors from the educational, research, innovation and economic spheres now come together to discuss the ways of bringing the flexibility that already exists to a certain degree in the dual educational system to the entire pedagogical structure.

We wish to thank our sponsors and partners in the field, who have so readily adopted the ideas conceived by the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences and who have performed a vital networking role between all parties. Platforms for exchange contain the potential for new solutions. We are very pleased to welcome you to this symposium and we await with enthusiasm your contributions!

Maurice Campagna

Claudia Appenzeller
Secretary General

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