Panel discussions about creativity in research, teaching and innovation

There are many opportunities for the targeted promotion of young professionals and researchers.

The Swiss Scientific Olympiad, swiss youth in science and swissskills are excellent platforms to promote these talents.

We are excited to welcome representatives of these platforms, who are researchers, professionals and start-up founders at #digitale21. They will join a panel discussion with Harvard professor and Balzan Prize 2016 winner Federico Capasso and will as well discuss with him in the breakout session “Digitalization and Creativity”.

“What should universities and other learning centers do to support a creative environment for students and learners?”

“How do transfer of knowledge and experience between school, university, industry and trade influence creativity and innovation?”

These are only some of the questions which will be discussed in both sessions.

Find out more about the participating talents and their backgrounds here or simply join us in Lugano!

“The use of digital technologies makes the learning more global. Students also follow Youtube channels, online lectures, etc. The school should provide help educating in the selection of good/bad online material”

Michele Dolfi, Participant of #digitale21 is President of the Swiss Scientific Olympiads and Postdoctoral fellow at IBM Research in Zurich