• 8 – 9 March: City Council Chambers, BELLINZONA
  • 11 – 13 April: SUPSI Campus Trevano, CANOBBIO – LUGANO (click here for the map and address)


  • 8 – 9 March, 2018: Debate Youth Parliament (only for the selected students of the Scuola cantonale di commercio of Bellinzona) | download the detailed programme (only in Italian)
  • Wednesday 11 April, 2018 (Italian) | Click here to register | download the programme (only in Italian) and biographies of the speakers (only in Italian)
  • Thursday 12 April, 2018 and/or Friday 13 April, 2018 (English and Italian with simultaneous interpretation) | Click here to register for the events | download the detailed programme
1Reception and presentation08:30 AMCity council chambers, Bellinzona
2Welcome address by the municipality of Bellinzona08:45 AMCity council chambers, Bellinzona
3Preliminary discussion in the commissions08:55 AMCity council chambers, Bellinzona
4Plenary conference, Prof. Lorenzo Cantoni 09:45 AMCity council chambers, Bellinzona
5Lunch break12:00 AM
6Discussion in commissions01:30 PMCity council chambers, Bellinzona
7Break time03:00 PMCity council chambers, Bellinzona
8Debate and discussion with experts Center of digital and educational resources (CERDD – DECS)03:15 PMCity council chambers, Bellinzona
9Conclusion04:30 PMCity council chambers, Bellinzona
1Reception08:30 AMCity council chambers, Bellinzona
2Welcome address Claudia Appenzeller, General secretary Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences08:35 AMCity council chambers, Bellinzona
3Workshop elaboration of thought08:45 AMCity council chambers, Bellinzona
4Break time10:00 AMCity council chambers, Bellinzona
5Workshop elaboration of thought10:15 AMCity council chambers, Bellinzona
6Lunch break12:00 AM
7Project presentation01:30 PMCity council chambers, Bellinzona
8Break time03:00 PMCity council chambers, Bellinzona
9Expert commentary and final discussion03:15 PMCity council chambers, Bellinzona
10Conclusion04:30City council chambers, Bellinzona
1Arrival01:00 PMAuditorium
2WELCOME ADDRESS01:30 PMAuditorium
3PRESENTATION - PAOLO MARIA FERRI (University of Bicocca Milano) 01:45 PMAuditorium
4WORKSHOP SESSION 102:35 PMAuditorium
5BREAK03:20 PMAuditorium
6WORKSHOP SESSION 203:50 PMAuditorium
7Closing Remarks04:40 PMAuditorium
1Moderation: Claudia AppenzellerClaudia Appenzeller
2Overture by University of Music, Conservatorio della Svizzera italiana04:15 PMAULA MAGNA
3Welcome addressAlberto Petruzzella 04:30 PMAULA MAGNA
4Introducing guest speaker Federico CapassoMaurice Campagna 04:45 PMAULA MAGNA
5Balzan Lecture: Quantum Cascade Lasers and flat optics for the 21st centuryFederico Capasso 04:55 PMAULA MAGNA
6Digitalization from the individuals point of viewLaura Perret Ducommun 05:40 PMAULA MAGNA
7Are we ready for the future?Rudolf Minsch 05:55 PMAULA MAGNA
8NEW: From research to innovationFritz Schiesser 06:10 PMAULA MAGNA
9Musical interlude by University of Music, Conservatorio della Svizzera italiana06:15 PMAULA MAGNA
10NEW: Address by Federal Councillor Ignazio CassisIgnazio Cassis 06:20PMAULA MAGNA
11Closing remarksMonica Duca Widmer 06:30 PMAULA MAGNA
12Aperitif and Dinner (by invitation only)07:00 PMHotel Lido Seegarten
1Moderation: Dimitri LoringettDimitri Loringett
2Arrival of participants / coffee09:00 AMHall
3Welcome addressMaurice Campagna 09:30 AMAula Magna
4Digitalization in the 21st century – impacts on societyFranco Gervasoni / Boas Erez / Cornelia Oertle / Luca Albertoni 09:40 AMAula Magna
5Innovation through expertise and opennessMauro dell’Ambrogio 10:10 AMAula Magna
6Lifelong learning: From an apprenticeship to CEOPeter Voser 10:30 AMAula Magna
7Interactions between science and innovationKatharina Fromm 10:50 AMAula Magna
8NEW: Digitalization and virtual experimentsFritz Schiesser 11:00 AMAula Magna
9Round tableFritz Schiesser / Katharina Fromm / Mauro dell’Ambrogio / Peter Voser 11:05 AMAula Magna
10Poster session, lunch and networking11:50 AMHall
11Presentation - Outcome of the Youth Parliament debate01:10 PMAula Magna
12Innovative educational experiences, short film, Centro scolastico per le industrie artistiche (CSIA)01:20 PMAula Magna
13Research, training and work: a necessary and virtuous dialogueManuele Bertoli 01:25 PMAula Magna
14New educational modelsFederico Capasso 01:45 PMAula Magna
15Breakout Sessions (Details see below)02:35 PM
16Session 1(Red): Digitalization and education (Chair: Marcel Tanner)Furio Bednarz / Alberto Piatti / Fabio Merlini / Marcel Tanner 02:35 PMA-S104 (Red sign)
17Session 2(Yellow): Digitalization and society (Chair: Jean-Jacques Aubert)Antonietta Mira / Markus Zürcher / Jean-Jacques Aubert 02:35 PMA-S103 (Yellow sign)
18Session 3(Green): Digitalization and creativity (Chair: Claudia Appenzeller)Claudia Appenzeller / Federico Capasso 02:35 PMA-303 (Green Sign)
19Session 4(Blue): Digitalization and the economy (Chair: Stefano Santinelli)Stefano Santinelli / Aleardo Cattaneo / Giambattista Ravano / Laura Perret Ducommun 02:35 PMA-304 (Blue Sign)
20Sessions reports and plenary discussion & Recommendations for training the "21st century workforce"Thomas Zeltner / Claudia Appenzeller / Jean-Jacques Aubert / Marcel Tanner 03:45 PMAula Magna
21Conclusion and acknowledgementsClaudia Appenzeller / Maurice Campagna 04:15 PMAula Magna
22Aperitif04:20 PMHall