Robotic Camera at #digitale21


In just over two months leading experts in academia, business and government will meet in Lugano at #digitale21 to discuss how our everyday lives are changing through digitalization. One of the larger debates with regard to this topic addresses the idea of machines replacing us in the work force and we’re excited to be able to showcase a great example of this at our symposium: SeerVision.


Autonomous Camera Operator
During the event you will be able to see first-hand what the automation of everyday jobs might look like – in this case the future of the camera operator. SeerVision, a spin-off from the Automatic Control Laboratory of ETH Zurich, is building the next generation video camera which will allow for almost fully autonomous video production. Their intelligent camera system can track moving objects without the need for a hands-on camera operator who would normally be adjusting the cameras position (among other things).

What does this mean for us? Perfectly framed, sharp videos of our high level speakers and panelists. We look forward to showing you the results.